Thursday, April 30, 2015

First stop: Brixton.

After waiting for the day to arrive for weeks, I arrived in London and headed straight to meet Ed at our first sub-let in Brixton. The house is really nice and bright with a spacious kitchen and living room, and set in a perfect location 2 minutes away from Brixton's Ritzy Cinema and equally close to the tube station which is basically on the same road.

The room is small, a bit too small for a couple, but cosy, and fine for a few weeks. It's funny how quickly you get used to living somewhere as it begins to feel like 'home'. Already, after a long day out in town, or working as I was last week, thoughts of the house and this room in particular, are comforting.

Brixton itself is a really cool place to be. What once was a dodgy neglected area of London is now bustling with life, not least owing to its village and market row which is bursting with mixed up stalls and the best places to eat. The town is known for its multi-ethnic population largely made up of people of Caribbean descent, and I love how this makes the place feel, particularly the music bursting out of speakers on street corners and the various people you see, and dialects and accents you hear walking around, seamless with the rest of the population (or at least it seems that way to me).

In a week and a half we move to Hackney, another area that was, not too long ago, dodgy and underdeveloped, and is now a hotspot for young creatives flocking to East London. I'm looking forward to settling in more permanent dwellings, but I have to say I'll miss Brixton's charm, and certainly wouldn't mind returning at some point in the future.

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