Monday, June 29, 2015

London Sunshine

As a 'fresh' Londoner, more specifically a newly settled resident of Hackney, I've only just discovered a side to London I never knew existed before.

Firstly, the city stripped of its grey, dreary winter reputation, and secondly, the casual, people-friendly corners of East London that flourish with life on sunny weekends. Before making the move here in April, my knowledge of this city, along with all the usual tourist traps, was restricted to a small segment of North London as well as Clapham, both places my father's family call home.

It was so nice to walk along Regent's canal, from our end of Victoria Park to Broadway market (despite arriving too late for the food stalls). The beautiful canal boats and colourful floating barges reminded me of Amsterdam, and for a few hours I felt I was entirely cut off from the busy city in which millions of people rush to work every day (though I love that side of London too - the excitement hasn't worn off yet).

Parks brimming with people, the sun shining enough for me to actually wear a pair of shorts, along with the fact that it stays light past 9.30pm in summer, makes for extra long, tranquil days on the weekend. I feel so lucky to call this place home!

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